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Israel – India collaboration facing successful future

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The relationship between India and Israel's economies is tight more than ever and the cooperation between those countries is in a great position. Visits of prime ministers, new business activities between the countries, trade of billion dollars between the countries and this is just the beginning for the business opportunities coming from this collaboration.

The 2020'S relationship

In May 2020, India and Israel decided to form a joint team to carry out R&D for rapid Covid19 testing. During the Israelis prime minister visit, the two countries signed MoUs for cooperation and collaboration in fields of solar technology, oil and energy, cybersecurity, and homeopathic medicine. Furthermore, both countries have scaled up investments, to boost their economies.

Israel – India Trade

Trade between India and Israel rose from 200 million USD in 1992 to almost 5.8 Billion USD in 2018. Moreover, the trade between the countries has also diversified. Today India is Israel’s tenth-largest source for imports and the seventh biggest export source. Traded commodities between the two nations include precious metals, electronic equipment, fertilizers and agricultural products, and so on.

Based on the latest data from the Trade Economist, export to Israel increased from 7.28 INR Billion in May 2020 to 11.64 INR Billion in June 2020.

To reduce the duration of the economic crisis, as well as its intensity, a particularly extensive fiscal policy is expected. That will cause a huge infrastructure tender is planning to go out to the market.

Business success starts with the correct connection. One of the best advantages of Antea's alliance of firms is a multidisciplinary and international team of experts. The unique bond between the Israeli professionals and the Indian specialists provides new value to the business field and lead the business to success.

At Kanu Doshi Group, we provide end to end solutions for all cross-border investments from tax, regulatory and corporate finance standpoint. We are part of global network ANTEA (Alliance of Independent Firms) and also a Knowledge Partner of ICIB.

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