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Creating Meaningful Impact

lndoi Analytics is created with the sole intention of analysing Indian political & Social situations from time to time.

We are an Innovative & Creative group of Apolitical, Social and Professionals. We all are serious Individuals in our own capacity who will analyse every aspect of Indian Politics, serving both National and Social Cause and present to the people of India a simplified version of Data, important for exercising our mandate in any and every political process  including  Elections.


We have in this Forum a galaxy of academicians, lawyers, doctors, social activists, corporate professionals, technologists from almost every field as our Core Team. We shall as a first step towards our objective; Serving India, shall organize seminars across India and provide a platform for common public to interact with corporates, organisations and political parties. We shall act as an Advocacy Initiative, a Think Tank to help our Politicians and Political parties understand our fellow Indians mind and heart.

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